Best book of 2008?

New book coming out on April 22-“The House at Riverton” by Kate Morton-I’ve already read  about 15-20 books this year but this one stands out from all the others & I don’t see any others on the horizon that would be competition as best book of the year! It’s a bit like a cross between DuMaurier’s “Rebecca” and “Water for Elephants”. English woman in her 90’s is looking back on her life because a filmaker from Holywood is making A film about the famous poet that killed himself in the 1920’s at a house where she was a maid.  Very mysterious, the author only let’s you into the secrets a bit at a time-it’s a literary novel-not a mystery-though there’s a lot of mystery to it. I urge people to go to their local INDEPENDANT bookstore to buy it when it comes out. Please don’t go to the chain bookstores!!!!!

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