So many good new books…

I don’t have my list of books read with me so I’ll have to rely on my spotty memory. Will post again later after going through my booklist. Recently read & enjoyed: “The Rose Labyrinth”, english book not yet released in US (Nov ’08)-very good, much better written than DaVinci Code, though comparisons will be made. Chartres Cathedral, Shakespeare, Elizbeth I’s astrological advisor, John Dees, who was also an alchemist. Mystery like DaVinci, but more female oriented. Writer is apparently a third generation Pagan Witch or something. Finished book will be slipcased & include illustrated cards. Fun read.

Also, Skeletons at the Feast by Chris Bohjalian, can’t remember if I already blogged about it-excellent book!!!!!

Another worldwide sensation that is about to hit our shores “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”, very good, originally published in Sweden, takes place there, intrigue, murder, and alot of Swedish names, a bit hard to keep track of-realize I know next to nothing about what Sweden is really like. A good read if you like edgy suspense. That’s all for now-will update later with more of my recent favorites. Am up to 66 books read so far this year- not a world-record breaker by any means, just glad I’m keeping track of them all for once in my life-

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  1. readermaniac

    Commenting on this old post-check out my recommendation for a new book coming from Sweden!!!!!!!!!!!

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