“The Long Journey Home” coming May 1

Am reading this book, author is mother of Augusten Burroughs (Running With Scissors) and John Elder Robison (Look Me In the Eye)-have been waiting to hear her side of the story & here it is. She’s a good writer (is a writer & poet)- and her childhood explains a lot! Just finished this memoir. A fascinating account of mental illness and the effects of childhood trauma. After being committed more than once to mental hospitals, she has found a way to live sanely in this world and has worked hard to live life fully after a stroke. I wish her well, she is not vindictive towards her son’s memoir “Running With Scissors”, though she disputes some of his account. She loves both of her sons very much and is proud of them. I think they should thank her for doing the best she could as a mother struggling with mental illness (and their having a father who was quite a damaged person), but then I am a mother myself and don’t we all hope we haven’t damaged our kids too much?

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