Among the Wonderful by Stacy Carlson

In this fantastic debut novel, the author describes the lives of the ‘wonderful’ inhabitants of P.T. Barnum’s Museum in Manhattan in the 1840’s.
Ana Swift is a giantess, haunted by the knowledge that she will likely die before reaching the age of 40.
Emile Guillaudeu is the resident taxidermist and animal keeper, he is haunted by the death of his unfaithful wife. He wanders the museum, depressed that the new occupants, a bearded lady, conjoined twins, albino children, have replaced the previous tenants, the natural history museum that was his life’s work.
The residents if the museum have become a hodge-podge family of sorts, including the singing beluga whale that coexists with various warring American Indian tribes.
In this accomplished novel, the museum’s ‘wonders’ battle their demons and finally allow others to see who they are on the inside, rather than keeping themselves separate by virtue of their ‘differentness’. The author reminds us that it is not our outward appearance that matters but our universally human need for love and understanding.
I am very excited about this novel and what the future holds for it’s talented author.

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