Night Circus!


Suspend disbelief, all who enter “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgentsern, a fabulously magical novel that removes you from everyday life with it’s frustrations and sorrows. Enter the tent at midnight for hours of exploration and revelation, you may choose as many inside tents to explore in the hours before dawn closes the circus, but you will never see all there is to see, even if you went to this circus every day for the rest of your life.

Within the magic of the circus story there is the tale of a contest of sorts, between two opponents, who had no choice but were bound to compete with each other by their magician mentors…cannot say more. It is a novel of art and creation, of imagination and love, that transcends time. If I were able to stay within this novel and never reach the end, I am afraid I’d be quite tempted! I only wish there were a circus of this magnitude in actual reality, I should like to visit it very much. As it is, the novel “The Night Circus” will have to suffice, and it does.

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