“Roger Ebert: Life Itself”

I was a fan of Roger Ebert’s when he was partnered with Gene Siskel on “At the Movies”, I found I always sided with Roger, he was ‘nicer’. His autobiography I pronounce as a ‘must read’, not because I am a film buff and there are fascinating chapters on film stars and directors such as Lee Marvin, John Wayne, Werner Herzog, Martin Scorsese, but there are, but because he tells us in an entertaining and well-written way  of his growing up in the 1950’s, how life has changed since then, and of facing catastrophic illness and learning to live life in a new way, about always remaining curious about life, and about finally finding love late in life.

I also urge you to check out Roger’s blog:


I am a friend of his on facebook and look forward to his daily postings, especially his vintage photos of faces from the movies while his myriad ‘friends’ from all over the world, including me try to guess who it is…hysterically funny! I wan to say we all adore him & consider him a friend we’ve never met…

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