Woes of Moving

Haven’t posted in a while because I just finished closing the family home & moving myself. Ended up donating something close to 300 books (maybe more???)-stilll have way too many, how is that possible? New place is small & have to make do with 3 three shelf bookcases…arrgh! Haven’t been reading much (no time), but finally started Lisa See’s “Dreams of Joy” this morning, oh what a feeling to dive back into a good book!


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4 responses to “Woes of Moving

  1. Bucky

    I understand the problem of too many books. Problem? It seems odd to call it a problem. I donated well over 1,000 books this year. How can I still have too many?? When I go to move, sometime in the next few months, I will be reevaluating the book situation. It is so hard to part with them. Good luck with the new place.

    • readermaniac

      I know, I never thought of it as a problem, it felt liberating to let some of them go, most to our local library, they have a HUGE book sale every year. They have a new ‘book drop’ just for donations and I was afraid they’d come running out & say “Stop, stop-enough!!!” So many of them were ones I coveted at the time but now don’t affect me the same way, especially weighed against making room for all of them (others were embroidery/cookbooks from the ’80’s, quite out of style!

  2. Loved Shanghai Girls & Dreams of Joy! Both were excellent, and I’m looking forward to reading more of Lisa See.

    Come visit my book blog at http://bookishnerd.com/.

    • readermaniac

      Checked out your blog-it’s great! I did not meet my goal of I think 150 books this year on goodreads challenge, with selling my Mom’s house (& she ended up in the hospital briefly in the middle of it, moving, etc, oh well. If I do enter the goodreads challenge next year I’ll try & be more reasonable!

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