“Enchantments” by Kathryn Harrison



This latest gem from best-selling author Harrison is like peering into a Faberge egg. Our narrator is the daughter of the infamous Rasputin, confidant and suspected puppet-master of the Tsarina and her family, supposedly influencing the history of Russia. When the ‘un-killable’ Rasputin is finally murdered, his two daughters are sent to the Romanovs as the Tsarina believes that his daughter Masha has inherited his healing powers and hopes that she may heal hemophiliac Alexei. Masha and Alexei develop a very close relationship during their shared exile in Tsarskoe Selo.
This historical literary novel is a fascinating look into the world of the Romanovs and Rasputins, though of course tragic..
Did know Rasputin’s daughter was a horseback trick rider in her adult life? I didn’t!

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One response to ““Enchantments” by Kathryn Harrison

  1. Susan

    Another on the MUST READ list! What an amazing time period too.

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