“Wallflower in Bloom” by Claire Cook

‘Once you get past the rocky parts, midlife really can rock’    

Once again readers have the delicious opportunity to dive into a Claire Cook novel, with her signature laugh out loud perspective of women in midlife. Deirdre Griffin is the personal assistant to her guru star brother, Tag. His aphorisms are famous (see above for a ‘Deidre’ example). Her life has turned into a 24/7 job promoting her brothers speaking engagements, travel accommodations and facebook and twitter updates. She finally realizes she is not living her own life at all. Drowning her sorrows one night she uses her brother’s huge online following to vote herself onto the TV show  “Dancing with the Stars”. Hilarity ensues, as does a realistic view of a woman in mid-life who decides it’s time to finally ‘get a life’.

Claire Cook manages as always to keep the reader laughing, even as she inspires us to reach higher and life the life we’ve only imagined!


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2 responses to ““Wallflower in Bloom” by Claire Cook

  1. Thank you so much! I’m thrilled you enjoyed Wallflower in Bloom and I appreciate your support more than I can say!

  2. Susan

    Oh I just have to read this!!! It will be refreshing to read about a real person–so to speak! No super powers-just working her way through middle age!

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