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“The Turtle Sisters of Cape Cod Pond”

We just brought in several copies of this wonderful local author’s children’s book. The story is great, but what impressed me the most were her fabulous illustrations. Author Susan Baur dives in local (Cape Cod) ponds with a dive mask that’s embedded with a digital camera, she photographs turtles and their surroundings in their native habitat.  She then takes these photographic prints and adds colored pencil to parts of the photograph. The resulting illustrations are a combo of photo and photo-realistic artwork that are combined in a really imaginative way. It’s hard to describe but seeing them in person will blow your mind!!!!!

Minutes after the author dropped off the books I sold 2 copies to a mom who was shopping with her daughter. This is one of those rare cases of a self-published book being an absolute treasure!

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“Remembering the Music, Forgetting the Words”


This is a funny and touching memoir by bestselling author Kate Whouley (“Cottage for Sale, Must Be Moved”) chronicling her journey with her mother through the wilderness of Alzheimer’s. Very funny and heartbreaking, a must read for anyone who loves or has loved someone with Alzheimer’s or anyone who has ever had a parent, especially caregivers of their parent(s).

“You are not alone.”

Thank you Kate!

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