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The Black Count

BLACK-COUNT-COVER     Author Tom Reiss has introduced to the world the story of an amazing man, Alex Dumas, father of famed novelist Alexandre Dumas (Count of Monte Cristo, The Three Musketeers). This man, born to a black slave mother and a fugitive French nobleman in present-day Haiti, was briefly sold into bondage and ended up as a leading general in the French Republic post-Revolution. He was a giant of a man, famous for his amazing strength, integrity, and genteel manners. After serving under Napoleon he was captured and thrown in a dungeon, nearly forgotten by his country, inspiring his son to write The Count of Monte Cristo. I learned so much from this brilliantly written biography, did you know that our reference to ‘left’ and ‘right’ when referring to political ‘sides’ came from the Post-Revolution governmental structure of France? I sure didn’t! I could list many things that were revelations gleaned from this book, but urge all to read it and discover them for themselves!



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